Spokane Tribe of Indians

Incident Command Center

Mobile App In-Development for Urgent/Important Communications to Community

The Spokane Tribe Mobile Web Application project will create a mobile application (Android and iOS operating systems) to be used by the Tribe to impart targeted and timely information to its enrolled tribal members. This project will improve the Tribe’s ability and efficiency in distributing emergency information to reservation residents and the public. The mobile app will aid in seamless communication and updates pertaining to COVID-19 pandemic and other incidents or emergencies in the future as well as any information of importance to the Tribal membership.

This system will allow designated Tribal staff or officials to quickly and easily alert app users of emergency information for the protection of public safety, as well as impart information specifically targeted for Spokane Tribal members.

The following are within the scope of this project:

1. Authentication – The app Administrators will have the ability to validate and authenticate users based on Tribal enrollment number, address or other identifier designated by the Tribe.

2. Authorization – The app’s Group Administrators will have the ability to add and remove members from the group and to post messages to that Group. The Group Administrators will have the ability to moderate posts by members of the group. Examples of Groups the Tribe may choose to establish include: Elders, Youth, Community Responders, On-Reservation Residents, etc. A “Group” may also include all registered users of the app.

3. Messaging – Members (approved app users) will have the ability to post One-to-One messages to other members of a group and to the app Administrators. Members will receive push notification when they get a new message.

4. Help screen – Members will have the ability to call, email of follow hyperlinks to various Tribal resources as listed on the app’s help screen (i.e., tribal office, public safety office, health department, tribal council, etc.). The Tribe will designate the Help Screen resource list.

While not a part of the mobile app in-development, other features may be added in the future, including audio and video calls, a web portal to manage users and groups, message backup, and transfer of video files.


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