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Sherwood Fire Update 7/25/2021 5:00PM

Hello all, This is an update from the Northeast Washington Incident Management Team. They are the Incident Management Team helping us with the fire.

The following information is an update from the Incident Management Team: FIRE UPDATE: There are a couple of helicopters and a heavy air tanker with retardant assisting fire fighters. The fire is rolling steady with the burnout. The established canyon lines are holding. East side retardant drop anticipated to hold for night crew.

EVACUATION ASSISTANCE: If you or anyone you know, needs assistance evacuating please call the emergency manager @ 509-475-3749.

Please recall the information below as it has not changed from the previous update: EVACUATION SITE CHANGE: Due to the new Fire Team needing more space for operation. The Sherwood Fire Evacuation Site will now be the WELLPINIT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (6224 Old School Rd, Wellpinit, WA 99040). Please park vehicles in the back parking lot, located on the East side of the building.

WELLPINIT SCHOOL UPDATE: Due to the new Fire Team utilizing the Wellpinit High/Middle School and the Evacuation Site change, Summer School will be cancelled this week (i.e. 7/26/21 – 7/30/21). STOI GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE UPDATE: If you are in a Level 3 Evacuation Area please evacuate your home safely. Due to your evacuation, you are awarded Admin Leave. Please notify the Executive Director, and Deputy Executive Director, about your situation.

For an updated message from the air quality program manager, click the link below. Air Quality Update

For an updated Sherwood Fire Fact Sheet from the public information officer, click the link below. Sherwood Fire - Fact Sheet - 7-25-21

The Incident Management Team had a meeting to discuss multiple things. To view the meeting summary, click the link below. Sherwood Fire Update Briefing


  • No entry into the STOI powwow grounds by anyone except fire personnel during the fire camp.

  • Wi-Fi can be obtained in the following locations: the Admin Parking Lot, Boys & Girls Club Parking Lot, Wellpinit High/Middle School and the Trading Post.

  • Designated & Boat-in Closure

  • Sherwood Fire road Closure

  • 2021-396 Sherwood Fire Resolution

  • Trading Post Hours Today: 7 AM - 8 PM.

The GIS manager for the Incident Management Team has updated the Sherwood Fire map. To view the current fire map, click the link below. Sherwood Fire Map

For a weather update, click the link below. Weather Update

The following list is a summary of the 7/24/2021 @ 8:00 PM Sherwood Fire briefing between the Incident Management Teams:

  • Transition from Fire Team 3 to Fire Team 2.

  • Team 3 welcomed Team 2 to the area and fire.

  • Team 3 did a recap of the Sherwood fire. They covered everything from the start of the fire, up to now.

  • The current goal is to use ground crews to make lines around the fire. They are trying to box the fire in. If their plan works then they can perform burn outs to the South East corner of the fire near Rimrock road.

  • To summarize, Team 3 is hopeful that hitting the fire hard tonight, will allow Team 2 to gain control and make the job easier moving forward.

  • Gary Hughes FMO for STOI was recognized by Deb Wulff DNR Superintendent for the Spokane and Colville Tribes for doing an excellent job with his staff. All of the executives for the fire teams applauded the STOI fire crew and community for working so hard.

  • We as a community thank the Type 3 Team working the initial attack with limited to no resources to save our natural and cultural resources.

Evacuation levels are still the same. To view the map, click the link below. Sherwood Fire Evacuation Levels

To view the current incident management facility area map, click the link below. Incident Management Facility Area

To view a video of Chairwoman Evans discussing the fire, click the link below. Chairwoman Evans

The Health and Human Services Department has shared an emergency supply list to help remind you of what to pack in case of emergencies. To view the list, click the link below. Emergency Supply List

The Fire Prevention Officer has created a flyer for home fire preparedness. To view the flyer, click the link below. Home Preparedness

Again please check your email, Spokane tribal website, phone line and the Rawhide Facebook page for updates.

Thank you and be safe!


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