Spokane Tribe of Indians

Incident Command Center

Vaccination Incentives!!!

  • Drawings for the five (5) $500.00 cash incentives will now be held every two weeks instead of monthly! So, after May 14th, the next drawings for those who have been fully vaccinated will be May 28, June 11, June 25. If you haven't scheduled your vaccination, you should do so now before these cash incentives expire!

  • To further motivate you to get vaccinated, tribal members who have been vaccinated will receive $100.00. If you've already been vaccinated you will be eligible for this payment by registering with proof of vaccination, following the same process as with entering the drawings. If you haven't been vaccinated, you should schedule an appointment now!

Together we can lead the nation in vaccination! Those who have been vaccinated will also receive a t-shirt that says, "VACCINATION NATION" on one side and "COMMUNITY IMMUNITY!" on the other. Let's do this!


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